DEACONS - Servant Leaders: Deacons Herman Brashears, C.B. Crossley, Gerald Jones

A called office of the church, equipped to serve and dedicated to the work of the Lord.


DEACONESS - Servant Leaders:  Sisters Bessie Brashears, Emily Burris

Responsible for ministerting to converts and preparing them for baptism.  Also, responsible for the preparation of communion.


USHERS - Servant Leaders:  Sisters Doris Davis, Joyce Reese

Responsible for seating members and guest for worship services and special services.  Direct visitors to restrooms and other unfamiliar ares of the the church.


MUSIC - Servant Leaders:  Sisters Vera Monette, Jernice Cheavis

Praise and Worship the Lord through song.


GREETERS/HOSPITALITY - Servant Leader:  Sis. Jerrlyn Ross

Responsible for greeting members and visitors at the doors of the sanctuary


MEN - Servant Leaders: Deacon C.B. Crossley, Bro. Jonathan Bouie

Responsible for reaching EVERY man in the ministry via classes, fellowships and opportunities for outreach.


WOMEN - Servant Leader:  First Lady Kristi Robinson

Responsible for reaching EVERY woman n the ministry via classes, fellowships and opportunities for outreach.


MEDIA - Servant Leaders: Sis. Jerell Jenkins, Bro. Henri Cheavis

Responsible for monitoring the sound system and preparting the weekly presentation along with recording services for duplication.


PASTOR SUPPORT - Servant Leaders: Sister Pat Offray

Responsible for supporting the Pastor & First Family in every area of ministry.


NURSES - Servant Leader: Sis. Mary Brashears, Sis. Melanie Bouie, Sis. Jasmine Warren 

Responsible for assisting Pastor and guest ministers.  Also, responsible for aiding others in the event of an emergency or accident.


MICAH PROJECT - Servant Leader:  Sis. Elaine Houston

Responsible for networking with other ministries and minister to the need of humanity.


CONGREGATIONAL CARE - Servant Leaders: Elder Jane Robinson, Sis. Connie Chapman

Responsible for coordinating monthly birthday celebrations and repast after funerals and assist whenver and however in the work of the Ministry.


JOSEPH'S PANTRY - Servant Leaders: Deacon Calvin & Sis. Leona Coleman

Responsible for gathering and distributing food items to the needed.


YOUTH - Servant Leader: Sis. Jacosta Parker

Responsible for ministering and planning age-appropriate activities for youth.


YOUNG ADULTS (E.P.I.C. Era)- Servant Leaders: Sisters Jerell Jenkins, Jasmine Warren

Responsible for ministering and planning age-appropriate activities for young adults.


SUNDAY SCHOOL - Servant Leader:  Sister Myrtis Fisher

A weekly study of God's word with an evangelism focus


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - Servant Leaders:  Sis. Michele Duvernay, Bro. Ed Carter

Responsible for planning the curriculum for all teaching ministries and coordinates seminars and workshops.


TRANSPORTATION - Servant Leaders:  Deacons Arthur Jenkins, Jerome Hobson

Provides transportation for those who do not have transportation to weekly and special services of the Ministry.


BEAUTIFYING - Servant Leader:  Sisters Jackie Bouie, Della Richardson

Responsible for the beautification of the sanctuaries for worship services as well as specia occasions.


NEW MEMBERS - Servant Leaders:  Sisters Cynthia Parker, Cheryl Price

Responsible for the registration of new members and conducting Ministry orientation classes.


AFTER SCHOOL ACADEMY - Servant Leaders: First Lady Kristi Robinson, Sis. Thaise Ratliff, Bro. David McDowell

This ministry is responsible for assisting students in grades K-8 with homework, test-taking and life skills.


SPECIAL EVENTS - Servant Leader - Sis. Sandra Averette

Responsible for coodinating weddings, funerals, revivals and ministry opportunities.


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